The Loved // Personalised Birthstone Ring

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Product Details

The Loved is a personalized ring hand-made with a name or text placed next to and a sparkling birthstone of your choice. Crafted with love by our minimalistic jewelry makers, this birthstone ring is our attempt to shape your deepest romantic thoughts and convey them to that special person. Available in 3 authentic metals - Rose Gold, 925 Sterling SiIver & 18K Gold!

We can personalize this ring with text or name along with a birthstone of your choice. All ring sizes are US Standard.

Design Details:


• Finish: Available in 3 colors: Silver, Gold and Rose Gold

• Dimension: 3mm lowercase letters. 


Personalization Details // Birthstone Colors & Font Choices:

4 132a5f3d 5905 4fd0 8a68 b0d82a86ed18 grande
5 4779f9f0 4005 4ee0 ba10 e806b41d6a03 grande

• If a font is not given, your order will automatically be delegated font #7 (the most popular font choice for this design).

Note: Since this is a personalized ring, if we do not receive any personalization instructions, the order will not be completed till we receive the required instructions.
In case of any inconvenience, please feel free to contact us -

Item code: RJ5


Perfect gift for the following occasions or people:
  • For women
  • Girlfriend
  • Valentine's Day
  • Mother-to-be
  • Birthday
  • Christmas